D'Artagnan Chemise is a modern HEMA-fencing jacket stylized after a 17-18th century chemise comonnly associated with fencing duels.


This jacket has been designed for classical fencing and provide good protection against all types of lighter HEMA weapons as duelling sabres, smallswords, late rapiers, foils, singlesticks. We advice to use additional protectors for maximum safety especially against heavier sabres.


Jacket is made of piercing resistant fabric with CoolMax fibers.


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D'Artagnan Chemise 350N

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80,00€Sale Price
Fabric color
  • Note: we have so many options for personalizing and customizing our products (colour shemes, shapes, embroideries, augmentations) that they are not available in the store: contact our customer service to order highly customised product.

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